The New Dimension of Mobility
Ultralight Folding Electric Scooter

The MOVEO folding electric scooter was developed to create an exceptionally light weight, electric drive collapsible scooter that addresses the needs for a comfortable, versatile and stylish personal transport solution.

Due to its parameters it can also be used in bus or cyclist lanes (legislation may be country / region specific) and can go into restricted zones. The maintenance-free electric drive has no drive train losses so guarantees low energy consumption and economic operation.

The scooter’s main features include: Stylish accessory for businessmen folded

  • Monocoque carbon composite body
  • Folds completely covering wheels, thus does not contaminate its surroundings
  • It is easily transportable in cars and can be taken into flats, offices or public transport
  • The folded scooter can be pulled on its supplementary wheels (suitcase rollers)
  • Two wheel drive gives an extraordinary driving comfort
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat with backrest
  • Li-ion batteries



Thanks to the unique combination of forward looking features MOVEO can be used in many ways, areas and roles:harbor

  • either as an individual or a last mile transport
  • by
  • environment conscious consumers,
  • scooter users,
  • commuters – as a supplement to or replacement of public transport or car,
  • holiday makers, motor home or yacht owners,
  • rental services,
  • delivery services,
  • chauffeur services,
  • hotels, clubs,
  • private jet users.

The name ‘moveo’ stands for and expresses the concepts our vehicle represents and the ideas we as a company believe in.

It originates from the English word ‘move’ and its equivalent in Esperanto ‘movo’, both describing a change in place or position, or being in motion.

MOVEO starring in Engineering Theatre, a performance created to popularise engineering as a profession

MOVEO starring in Engineering Theatre, a performance created to popularise engineering as a profession

Our focus was to create a personal vehicle that increases individual mobility beyond the current limits by the features of low weight, which allows most of the energy needed to be used for moving the person and not the vehicle, and its unique foldability, which makes it completely dirt-free and offers practical solutions for portability and the possibility for combination with other means of transport or storage.

The letter ‘e’ in the name stands for electric mobility on one hand, which allows for a zero emission operation, low running costs and low total cost of ownership and environmentally friendly product with durable, low/no maintenance and/or recyclable components and materials on the other hand.

In terms of environmental focus it also reflects our dedication for sustainable production and operations using human power and manual assembly and a high employment rate rather than a high level of automation.

Last, but not least the letter ‘o’ refers to the organic design and suggest the advent of a new, more human centric and liveable world.

View the detailed specification of MOVEO Ultralight Folding Electric Scooter!

Moveo Foldable Electric Scooter Technical Description


MOVEO is protected by an international PCT patent WO 2012/110836 A1 published by WIPO protecting the frameless body concept and the folding.




The MOVEO logo is a Registered Community Trademark no 008960402.



The MOVEO scooter design is a Registered Community Design no 001710450-0001.


All patents and trademarks are the property of Moveo Co.

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